Collection of Sites for Password Lookup / Cracking Online Hash

Hello goodnight, we meet again in this post I will share some sites where search hash or password cracking online. Ever found an encrypted password? I use it very often when I do SQL injection. Hash is closely related to encryption. So what does the hash itself mean? Hash is the result of a password or information that is considered important. While Encryption is the process of sending information by allowing it to help with special knowledge. -https: // Sometimes passwords are encrypted not everything is the same which means the types are MD4, MD5, SHA-1, Base64, MD5 (WordPress) and so on. Well, that's the point of some reviewers, ok, so here are some sites where passwords are cracked or online. 

the following site:


So that's some online sites that I recommend to encrypt passwords that are encrypted, maybe if anyone wants to add please comment in the comments so that it is more complete.
Ok, just a few posts this time about cracking online hash sites, sorry if my writing is ugly and difficult to understand because I'm still a beginner hiya ... hiya ... hiya.
Thank you, hopefully it's useful!

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