bypass SQL Admin Login

[+]Exploit title  : Bypass sql login
[+]Author         : ./Snopunks404
[+]Google dork : 

[+]Proof 0f concept     :
Dorking with the dork and get some vuln site

user: ' or 1=1 limit 1 -- -+ password: ' or 1=1 limit 1 -- -+

if you enter your username and password as above, if the web is vuln it will automatically enter the admin dashboard

No need to write user,email,password. Go to the uploader and upload a php files
Your file will go to site/gallery

Greetz: AnonXploit - 1NTROVER7_TERSAKITI - Cukimay Cyber Team -  Sunda cyber Army -special for Bangka Crew

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